The phrase Five Nines is technology jargon that service providers use to describe system up-time. The phrase refers to 99.999% availability and, as our name suggests, Five9 Solutions provides solutions that can be relied upon for your mission critical and business critical communications needs.

With decades of combined industry experience, our technical, sales, and customer service staff are wireless communications experts. Specializing in two-way voice, data, AVL, LTE, DAS, and broadband systems we work with suppliers and manufacturers to bring modern & practical solutions to our clientele. Five9 Solutions can be counted on for your end-to-end sales & service needs including communication system design, installation, repairs, and on-going support.

Exceeding client expectations is our constant goal and being focussed on true customer service we are not happy unless our clients are.


"It is our mission to earn and preserve the confidence of clients by providing them with the very best solutions, guidance and support, for their critical communications needs and to remain invested with them throughout the life cycle of their application."



We are committed to research and development activities so that we can continue to bring innovative ideas and solutions to our clients.


We are proud of the relationships our team members have built over the years and know that they’ve done so by consistently exceeding client expectations.


We instill our clients’ trust by understanding their needs, acting in their best interests, and executing as promised.


We have a collaborative culture where thoughts and ideas are shared freely, where we respect each other’s perspectives, and where we respect the needs of our clients.


Our Team’s industry experience is an undeniable strength that is used to ensure the best possible client experience.