The team at Five9 specializes in designing and planning comprehensive technical solutions. We can help you take the complexity out of system planning, and help you build a scalable roadmap that addresses the needs of all users in your organization. We take a vendor agnostic approach to design a solution that truly meets the needs of the customer. Additionally, we specialize in taking components from different manufacturers and integrating them to deliver one comprehensive system or solution.

Here are some examples of systems that we can assist with:

  • Wide area radio systems for public safety, municipalities and private enterprise
  • Secure and robust SCADA communication systems for Municipalities, Utilities, Oil/Gas, Manufacturing, etc.
  • Scalable data connectivity systems
  • Metropolitan/Municipal Networks, and Wide Area Networks
  • Vehicle fleet management and telematics
  • Information Technology Systems and Strategies


Five9 is available to help with all kinds of system implementations. We also have experience integrating different types of systems together to create a comprehensive experience for system users. Here are some examples of systems that we have worked on in the past.

  • Simulcast, wide area radio system design
  • Project 25 system design, installation and integration
  • Interoperability systems that allow different agencies or enterprises to communicate and work together seamlessly
  • SCADA systems for Water/Wastewater, Hydro/Energy, Oil and gas, pipeline etc.
  • Fleet management systems for tracking vehicles and other assets
  • Wireless data systems that provide connectivity for other systems, including the backhaul for wide area radio systems
  • PTT over LTE/5G
  • Distributed Antenna Systems and in-building Wi-Fi Coverage
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi coverage for events and public spaces


The technological landscape is changing continually, which makes planning difficult. Five9 can help you build a comprehensive plan that creates a seamless path to the latest technology, coupled with the leading industry best practices. The result will be a clear roadmap that allows your organization to stay ahead of the technological curve.


Modern systems can be complicated and require a focused effort on preventative maintenance. With continually evolving software and hardware, this presents a challenge throughout the lifecycle of a system. Five9 can help by planning and executing a preventative maintenance plan for keeping your system in top operating condition throughout its entire lifecycle.

Additionally, we can help you plan for incremental hardware and software upgrades over time, as well as incremental capacity improvements as your requirements grow. These are also features of our Managed Services offerings which may be a great fit for your organization.


Keeping a complicated system in peak operating condition can be challenging but partnering with Five9 can make it easy! With our pro-active monitoring solutions, we have ways of detecting problems and tracking operational trends before end users experience issues in the field. A comprehensive monitoring system coupled with expert remote diagnosis makes a huge difference. In many cases a technician can make required adjustments remotely and ensure zero downtime. If there is a more critical problem, a technician can be dispatched to the field and the risk can be mitigated.


New system deployments can be complicated, and a managed services relationship may be the right choice for your organization. A managed services proposal includes all the hardware, software and technical services required to operate your system, throughout its entire lifecycle. It also provides the added benefit of a single reasonable recurring cost that includes everything that you need. Most customers are electing for this type of relationship as it provides a consistent level of service for one consistent and predictable price. This is a great way to manage your total cost of ownership. Contact us today and we can help build a comprehensive managed services solution for your organization.


Need effective communications for an event or project? We can provide you with radio communication solutions to give you the means to communicate quickly and clearly with your teams at every moment of your events.


Modern systems call for high performance and low latency broadband connectivity. Microwave systems have become an essential part of extending the backbone for all kinds of wireless communications systems. Five9 has extensive expertise building networks that range from a few sites up to hundreds of interconnected sites.

This bandwidth and connectivity can also be used to interconnect users at your municipality, enterprise or agency. We can deliver connectivity for any kind of data transmission requirement that you may have. Five9 can deliver managed circuits that come with on-site integration and support services to keep you connected all day, every day.

We are also working with top-tier wireless carriers to design and build LTE and 5G wireless solutions. These solutions can deliver data connectivity for mobile applications or connect devices in places where traditional connectivity is simply not available. Contact us today to discover how we can improve connectivity for your organization.


Wireless systems present unique challenges when it comes to system security. Five9 takes security very seriously, and we will work with you to achieve the correct level of security for your new system. We are also available to evaluate your existing system and build a comprehensive plan to increase the security. Technologies like encryption, authentication, over-the-air re-keying (OTAR) can all provide exceptional system security when deployed and maintained properly.


Five9 is equipped to install and support your communications equipment in a variety of vehicles. This includes fire vehicles such as aerials, pumpers, rescues, incident command units, etc. Work can be performed at your location. We can also perform installation and repair work in our 40,000 square foot secure fleet maintenance facility. Repairs or reconfiguration of existing equipment are also possible.